Why Online Helpdesk Matters?

Why Online Helpdesk Matters?

Why Online Helpdesk Matters? 1st step Get free help desk at here

What is an online helpdesk and why do I need one?

You have website and no support supportdesk helps your staff to manage & engage with your with your leads and customers as they need anytime as you wish

While ago this all done by manual call centers with support and troubleshooting help.

Once Internet boomed. Support to customer got easier than ever

Now prospects understand all companies out there depend on their buy decisions and that matters

All business have to get in touch with their leads and customers to stand out. That's how mostly other side of the technology geeks found online help desks to provide a online support solution that solve any problem that any prospects have.. that can be done through online helpdesk like freshdesk.

What kind of online helpdesk is best for my business?

The first thing you need to do when you start looking for a helpdesk is to know  what you are going to use it for. 

We know, we know, not a big deal. But you wouldn’t believe the number of  problems that have cropped up because someone didn’t have the right requirements. So, take a moment to properly understand whose problems you’re 

trying to solve.

The answer to this question will lead you down one of two roads in a wood. One  deals with external customer support and engagement and the other with ITSM  and its nuances. Are they your customers? Or are they your employees? Do you want to use this software to keep track of conversations with your  customers and manage their complaints? Or do you want to use  this helpdesk to deal with employee requests and manage IT  operations internally? 


1. The first kind, depending on what kind of support you’re looking to

provide, are referred to as everything from plain ol’ ticketing system (just

a system for keeping track of queries by converting them into tickets) to

a full fledged helpdesk .

2. The second kind of software is usually called a “service desk”. They are

usually ITIL process-compliant and allow you to do everything from

incident management to setting up a service catalogue.

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How do I put together a feature list?

All you have to do is list of features that any businesses find people asked about your product or service . and also think how it can help you better support your customers.  List all the channels you think your customers frequent. Most helpdesks in the market support: Email, Twitter, Facebook, Phone, Live chat and  In-app. For example, if you’re in the e-commerce market, your customers would like to get in touch with you through real-time channels like live chat and phone.  And they’re likely to be on social media and talking about you. Prioritize them  based on your resources. 

Now, write down what features you’d like for each channel.  For example, under Twitter, you could write down

Knowledge Base - An FAQ section that can  help your customers help themselves will never go remiss. Most customers like to  search (and find) out the answers themselves so they’d really appreciate a searchable knowledge base. Not to 

mention, it’ll reduce your low-level support  request volume. Getting one is useful for every kind of business, so put this one down.

Email Notifications - Keep your customers in the loop by sending them email notifications every time there’s a status update. Keep an eye out for customizable email notifications  that allow you to change the content of the notification. Bonus points if the helpdesk allows you to remove the ticket ID from the subject line, thus rendering your helpdesk invisible.

Automations - Most helpdesks provide for automations that will take care of the boring, menial tasks so that you can do what you do best: provide

personalized support. Automate tasks like sending out reminders to customers, categorizing and prioritizing new tickets. 

Satisfaction Surveys - Find out what your customers really  think about you (and your service) by way of a survey. Most 

helpdesks allow for a three-point scale survey but if you  want to ask specific questions and poll them on their finer 

feelings, a support desk that integrates with an app like  SurveyMonkey should work well for you.


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