Way to Lead people by Example

As in this freckle world, everybody needs to be guided for a better result in any field. It's not that, misguide peoples are always wrong, maybe they don’t have the proper leader who shows them the right way. In particular, a leader will guide others with suitable examples for the excellent result. With this in mind, presenting the way to lead people by example!

1. Sensitive to others: You should be a sensitive person for others. Anybody should able to share their problems with you, and then you may try to solve the problems. If you were not able to solve the problem, you should able to be the support. This will be an excellent way to lead people who are in a problematic situation.

2. Take responsibility: You should take responsibility and teach others how to do that. Taking responsibility for a good thing is ok, but the tough part is to accepting the defeat or taking responsibility for any wrongdoing of your team. That way, your team will respect you more than they respect themselves.

3. Accept the failure: Additionally, as you are taking responsibility, you need to accept the defeat of yourself or your team. If you take the blame on your shoulder, your team member will not get into that same trouble next time.

4. Example story: A motivational story from other leaders or famous person from history is always welcomed. Example stories from their life will be a great way to lead people in the right path. Surely you can create your own story to motivate and influence people on a certain way you want.

5. Hear their opinion: Consequently, you should hear their opinion about a certain subject which will result in understanding them better. If you are a good listener, and after hearing their opinion you can change their way of thinking by introducing your ideas.

6. Provide proper solution: Another way to lead people by offering an appropriate solution containing examples. When you solve someone's problems, they will likely accept you as their leader.

7. Think first, decide later: Before saying or implement something, you need to think about the issue first. Note-down the best possible ways of solving the problem for them. Then from the list, provide the best solution as an example.

8. Have respect for others: Not to mention, any good leader should have respect for others. If you don’t have self-respect and respect for others, you will not get mutual respect for you. By shoring them proper example stories, a leader should be able to convince the downlink or the team to have the respect for anything, which may be the task or fellow coworkers.

9. The second chance: Everybody disserves a second chance. If you are a leader, and fire people on the first errors they make, your popularity and respect level will decrease by time. People need to love their leader not fear them. By giving the second chance, and showing the problem they made in the past, you are making them stronger soldiers, who will lay down their lives if they have the opportunity.

Significantly, the way to lead people by example is not tough, but it's not as easy as it sounds. You need to think and act appropriately as a leader. Every famous leader does the same, what are you waiting for!

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