The Daily Income Generating Plan

This plan is designed to give you some easy-to-follow steps to complete each day that will bring Real People to your business and give you the Unfair advantage To Get More Results (More Leads, Sales & Profits) With This System.

Step 1: Register Your account & Signup for Next Power Call 

Step 2: Set Your Goals AND “commit to achieve it”

Here’s How basically set it up..

Be COMPLETELY honest with yourself and answer the following:

What is your big income goal?

Why do you want to earn that much?

Be VERY specific, there are no right or wrong answers .

Step 3:  Start Income Generating Social activities Daily.

  • Send Friendly Message and Re Connect with your friends who might already forgot you.
  • Get Into a habit read and access daily training(if you are member go to resources section
  • Stay up to date in new marketing and business trends
  • Test Test Test ( Do test your marketing copy do A/B split tests
  • Be Smart Shopper, Save money By Products and services that you want when they offer discounts Coupons etc
  • Do paid adverting at least once a month ( drive traffic,if you have a deep budget drive traffic weekly)
  • Help Your Down-line, Customer or member retention is a key part of your business's success.
  • Connect with Industry leader who doing great ( always stay around with positive mind people)
  • Once a while share your results. Celebrate even your small wins
  • As your use this tool you will building a huge followers list so Send Broadcast Emails To Your List daily.
  • Also Setup automated email series to keep them active.
  • Start use twitter more ,Follow at least 50 to 100 people daily who close in your niche.
  • Create Events and drive people to those events do contents and give them gifts once they won.



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