What is Better? Rocket Link Vs Replug Url shortener tool review

Rocket Link Vs Replug Url shortener tool

Rocket Link Vs Replug Url shortener tool

We come up with these  2 same function URL shortener plus remarketing tool plus a feature with the ability to add any call to action pop up at any URL they short with using these tools. so what interesting is in the review there  so many similar features in both tools but price wise and capacity wise we recommend Rocket links.. you can go to their original site and get 10% discount going by here 

So in the other hand, we took a look pricing and feature in Replug url shortener tools but look like its very limited compared to Rocket link we recommend you above below you find charts of pricing we found...

Rocket Links

But if you go to Rocket links here you will see amazing pricing chart including..

  • Unlimited clicks
  • 2 Retargeting pixels
  • Ability to add 4 custom scripts or Call to action pop ups for leverage more clicks
  • You can have your own Brand custom domain
  • Very informative analytics charts plus you can short 20 links per month.
  • Just $29/m yu can increase links upto 100 and able to add 5 pixels & 5 custom domains and Best price is 69/m you can short 1000 links you not even short that much links per month  but you have option.

We use it and Our Opinion...



Here are main pain points if you buy Replug since both got same features likewise...

  • Limit of 5000 clicks
  • Can not add custom domain
  • Only 1 retargeting pixel
  • Only 5 campaigns
  • Only One Brand
  • If you Pay $49/m You get 5 Brands plus Unlimited Campaign but can not scale up even got unlimited features only other hand have Limit of 50K clicks  so it does not make any sense..


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