How to Encourage Productivity Without Hurting Creativity ?

Productivity Without Hurting Creativity

Consequently, there is a saying the creative people are not productive enough. That’s somehow right seeing the statistical data from all over the world. But there is definitely a way to encourage productivity without hurting creativity. Definitely, in this article, we are going to learn- how to encourage productivity without hurting creativity!

Make a future job list: Moreover, a job list is mandatory for everyone when it’s the question of productivity. As a creative thinker, you can make a future job-list that will be helpful for being more open to working.

Track the time for each job: From the job list, you should track the total time for a job to finish. It is helpful when you are having the same types of task, on multiple occasion. From the job sheet, you can examine your previous job’s data, and correct the mistakes for the current.

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Take regular brake: Taking a break will not consider as a time wasting thing. Infect, if you do not take a break, and try to work for a more extended period, your brain gets puzzled, that results in a less productive moment. To avoid that, you should take the break and let your mind free for a time. If you work in front of a computer monitor, taking breaks is mandatory for every multinational.

Set milestones: On the other hand, you can divide the task and set a different milestone for becoming more productive. Breaking a job in smaller parts will let you focus on smaller pieces, which are easily manageable. That way you should able to encourage productivity without hurting creativity for any job.

No multitasking: Though creative people think about more than one subject, and make the output from that, the multitasking is not suitable for being productive. We need creativity as well as the more suitable result as productivity. If you are doing 3 or 4 tasks at the same time, you are not able to finish every job perfectly. Another way, mixing different types will need more data and time to get analyzed.

Keep personal space: Not to mention, you need to keep your office time and private space in a different direction. Bringing any office job to home will hamper your personal family time, which brings stress. For avoiding the stress, you need to keep your personal space equal important.

Less interruption: When you are doing something, try to get less disturbed. Any interruption will break the concentrate that needed for the job. Like if you are doing something offline, turn off the computer or cell phone any facebook notification will not catch your eye.

Few meetings: For exactly, meeting means a time-consuming process where you need to listen to others progress, that is unnecessary for you. If you do not get into the meetings, and use that time for your work/ job your production rate will go higher.

Learn and Adopt: The last thing, you need to learn and adopt new ideas. Maybe the task you are doing has a different easy way to finish in less time. If you can learn and apply that, you will become more productive, without hurting the creative side of yours.

Significantly, to encourage productivity without hurting creativity, you need to follow the rules for your life. If you start once and adopt it, you will become the ‘employ of the year’!

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