4 great ways to motivate your down line

Motivation is the word that has unlimited possibilities. Significantly, with good influence, anybody can become successful. Whereas, bad motivation leads to the dark side of society! But we should always motivate our down-line for better results. Downline means juniors or subordinate workers. So, this time I am presenting- 4 great ways to motivate your downline.

Be the leader, not the boss: For your subordinate workers, you need to become a leader, not acting like a boss. A boss’s role is to give the instruction to the subordinate workers and later assessment the progress. But a leader is that person, who leads- means you need to guide them in the work field. Need to show them, how the work can be done correctly. That way your downline will feel safe and motivated. It's not that the role of a boss is bad, but a boss cannot be an inspirable character. So, an acting leader can push the subordinate workers to their limits and beyond. Without the inspiration and motivation, that will be a dream.

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Training and Recognition: You should train your downlines for having better quality. Not every person has the knowledge for everything. A right type of training will be the best for providing the best result for your company. You need to recognize the weal link from your subordinate workers and send them for a training that will be appropriate. Or you may show them, how a work can be done smoothly. That way they know how to do that properly. Recognition of talent is always appreciable by the leader or boss. Additionally, when you find talent in your downline, don’t forget to appreciate them. Make them an example to the others; thus other team members will be motivated, and try to become like that person.

Inspire: In reality, the inspiration is a part for motivating your downline. If someone failed to comply, don’t insult him; show him how it’s done. And inspire them by becoming an example yourself. Or maybe you can show them how others are doing, and it will encourage them. We have different inspirable persons from our history, just teach them as the example and inspire them with a motivational speech to your downline.

Incentives: Not to mention, the concept of incentive is always welcomed by everyone. When someone works better under pressure and finish that job with perfection, don’t forget to add some extra with their main salary. Remember, money talks and motivates. Money is the thing, for that, we all are working, if we get more money as incentives, we will give our best. That same theory will be applicable to your downlinks. You may announce some token prize for them, who can first successfully deliver the job, or perform the tasks. As we all love to receive gifts, a $25 gift card as an incentive will be much appreciable by your downline and motivate them.

The End..

Undoubtfully, to motivate your downline, you need to follow them thoroughly. Show them why failure is the pillar of success, tell them a motivational story, and they will give their 10% for you. 


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